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  • Crepe Paper Tubing In Master Rolls

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    Crepe Paper Tubing In Master Rolls

    Crepe Paper Tube Description: Electrical insulating crepe paper tube is made of 100% superior sulfate insulating wood pulp, Electrical Grade Insulation Crepe Kraft Paper, or electrical crinkled insulating paper. Direction of creping is transverse. It is one of the most important solid insulation... Read More

  • Crepe Paper Tubes In Traverse Wound

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    Crepe Paper Tubes In Traverse Wound

    Description: Crepe papers are produced from base papers weighting 25-180 g/m2,(15-111 lbs/ream) and have an elongation of between 15 to 300%.They are available in master rolls of up 1200 mm and in slit width in a big variety of customer specified inside and outside diameters. Some of the grades... Read More

  • Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape

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    Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape

    Non-Alkali Fiberglass Tape Fiberglass Tape abbreviated as non-alkali tape is woven of non-alkali fiberglass, with its feature of thermal resistance and insulation. Drywall fiberglass tape can be used as the bindings of boiler for electrical machinery and appliances. The drywall fiber glass tape... Read More

  • Class F Woven Tape

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    Class F Woven Tape

    Class F Woven Tape Description: Class F woven tape/cotton tape of electrician is made from pure cotton fiber and can be used for electric motor, appliance, etc. As binding materials because of good mechanical strength and insulating quality, it’s used in electric motor, transformer, auxiliary... Read More

  • Unidirectional Weftless Banding Tape

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    Unidirectional Weftless Banding Tape

    Unidirectional Weftless Banding Tape Description: impregnated fiberglass web banding tape consists of parallel twisted E-glass yarns preimpregnated with a special thermosetting polyester resin or epoxy resin. The banding tape is pliable and tacky. Its wed structure provides easy unwind without... Read More

  • Polyester Shrinking Tape

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    Polyester Shrinking Tape

    Polyester Shrinking Tape Description: Polyester shrinking tape has very good heat and insulation property and high mechanical strength, high shrinkage properties, and high tensile strength. It is one ideal insulating binding material for manufacturing and repairing of electrical machinery,... Read More

  • Class F Heat Shrinking Banding Tape

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    Class F Heat Shrinking Banding Tape

    Class F Heat Shrinking Banding Tape Description: Polyester heat shrinking tape is woven with polyester filaments. It is made of Cross-linked polyester and environmental friendly heat melted adhesive. It has excellent heat and insulation property and high mechanical strength, high shrinkage... Read More

  • Insulating Pressboard

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    Insulating Pressboard

    Pressboard Description: The Insulation Transformer Pressboard is manufactured from 100% high quality sulfated insulating wood pulp without sizing or used fillers. This paper is highly refined and cleaned to ensure uniform thickness and formation. Advantages: Pressboard has a high chemical... Read More

  • Epoxy Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

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    Epoxy Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

    Epoxy Fiberglass Mesh Fabric Description: Epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric is a kind of insulation material. It is made of basal mesh fabric and epoxy soakage mucus. Characteristics: This sort of mesh fabric intensively steeped, by this process, there is no bladder inside the fabric, and the fabric... Read More

  • Insulator

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    Insulator Read More

  • Silicone Cushion

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    Silicone Cushion

    Cushion Block Thickness: 3mm-12mm Various sizes available Read More

  • Electrical Dog Bones

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    Electrical Dog Bones

    Electrical Dog Bones 1. Insulation materials for transformers 2. F, H class 3. Produce as customer's requirement Read More

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