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Transformer Insulation Paper

  • Diamond Dotted Presspaper

    Contact NowDiamond Dotted PresspaperDiamond Dotted Presspaper In accordance with GB/T5591.3.1-2008 Description: DDP is produced by coating modified epoxy-resin in diamond-dotted patterns on both sides of electrical insulating paper (Kraft paper is derived from Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Ltd., the biggest manufacturer of...Read More

  • Insulation Presspaper

    Contact NowInsulation PresspaperPresspaper Description: The Insulation Transformer Pressboard is manufactured from 100% high quality sulfated insulating wood pulp without sizing or used fillers. This paper is highly refined and cleaned to ensure uniform thickness and formation. Advantages: It has excellent electrical,...Read More

  • Aramid Insulation Paper

    Contact NowAramid Insulation PaperAramid Insulation Paper Description: Chinese Aramid Insulation Paper is a perfect substitute of Dupont Nomex. It is made of 100% aramid fiber. Thermal class is 220C degrees. Features: Good thermal stability, flame resistance, electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, good mechanical...Read More

  • Diamond Dotted Nomex Paper

    Contact NowDiamond Dotted Nomex PaperDiamond Dotted Nomex Paper Description: Dimond Dotted Nomex Paper is produced by coating modified epoxy-resin in diamond-dotted patterns on both sides of Dupont Nomex Paper. Applications: it is suitable for turn-to-turn insulation of coil wires on oil-immersed power transformers and suitable for...Read More

  • Insulation Crepe Paper

    Contact NowInsulation Crepe PaperInsulation Crepe paper Description: Crepe papers are produced from base papers weighing 25 - 180 g/m2,(15 -111 lbs/ream) and have an elongation of between 15 to 300 %.They are available in master rolls of up 1200 mm and in slit width in a big variety of customer specified inside and outside...Read More