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Silicone Cushion factory

  • Sleeving With Silicone Resin

    Contact NowSleeving With Silicone Resin2753 Sleeving with Silicone Resin Class C Description: 2753 sleeving with silicone resin is an insulating sleeving produced with a thermal process. The fiberglass is impregnated with silicone resin; it is available in four standard voltage: 2753.1500 volt -2753.2500 volt -2753.4000 volt...Read More

  • Silicone Cushion

    Contact NowSilicone CushionCushion Block Thickness: 3mm-12mm Various sizes availableRead More

  • Sleeving With Silicone Rubber

    Contact NowSleeving With Silicone Rubber2760 Sleeving with Silicone Rubber (In accordance with JB/T8151.1-1999, IEC60684-3-4000/402:1991) Description: Glass textile sleeving coated with silicone rubber is manufactured with non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving and coated it with silicone resin and then vulcanized it to form...Read More