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Polyester Bangding Tape Free Sample

  • Diamond Dotted Polyester Film

    Contact NowDiamond Dotted Polyester FilmDiamond Dotted Polyester Film Description: DDP adhesive specialty polyester film is modified epoxy resin showed DDP -shaped insulating coating on electrical baked polyester film into a stage of semi-curing the insulation material. As the diamond on a plastic resin coated polyester film is not...Read More

  • Class F Heat Shrinking Banding Tape

    Contact NowClass F Heat Shrinking Banding TapeClass F Heat Shrinking Banding Tape Description: Polyester heat shrinking tape is woven with polyester filaments. It is made of Cross-linked polyester and environmental friendly heat melted adhesive. It has excellent heat and insulation property and high mechanical strength, high shrinkage...Read More

  • Non-alkali Fiberglass Tape

    Contact NowNon-alkali Fiberglass TapeNon-Alkali Fiberglass Tape Fiberglass Tape abbreviated as non-alkali tape is woven of non-alkali fiberglass, with its feature of thermal resistance and insulation. Drywall fiberglass tape can be used as the bindings of boiler for electrical machinery and appliances. The drywall fiber glass tape...Read More

  • Composite Polyester Film

    Contact NowComposite Polyester FilmMM/MMM Composite Polyester film In accordance with GB/T5591.3.1-2008 and IEC626-2 Specification: MM/MMM is a two-layer or three-layer composite polyester film(6021 milky film) (Mylar), produced by using adhesive(heat-resistant epoxy resin) to adhere 2 or 3 layers polyester film (Mylar) together....Read More

  • Polyester Film

    Contact NowPolyester FilmQuick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hechin Model Number: 6021 6020 Type: Insulation Paper Material: PET Application: Electric motor insulation Rated Voltage: 5 KV Tensile Strength: ≥110 Mpa color: white, transparent Thickness: 0.13mm-0.50mm Width: 10mm-1000mm...Read More

  • Fish Paper With Polyester Film

    Contact NowFish Paper With Polyester FilmQuick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hechin Model Number: 6520 6521 Type: Insulation Film Material: Composite Polymer Application: Low Voltage Rated Voltage: 10kv Tensile Strength: Excellent Product name: Polyester film with Fish paper Thermal class: B (130℃)...Read More

  • Polyester Film With Fish Paper Flexible Composite Material

    Contact NowPolyester Film With Fish Paper Flexible Composite Material6520 /6521 Polyester film/Fish paper Flexible Composite Material Polyester film with Fish paper According to GB/T5591.3.1-2008 IEC626-2 Description:6520/6521 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper is a two-layer flexible laminate. It is produced by using B-class...Read More

  • Unidirectional Weftless Banding Tape

    Contact NowUnidirectional Weftless Banding TapeUnidirectional Weftless Banding Tape Description: impregnated fiberglass web banding tape consists of parallel twisted E-glass yarns preimpregnated with a special thermosetting polyester resin or epoxy resin. The banding tape is pliable and tacky. Its wed structure provides easy unwind without...Read More

  • Polyester Shrinking Tape

    Contact NowPolyester Shrinking TapePolyester Shrinking Tape Description: Polyester shrinking tape has very good heat and insulation property and high mechanical strength, high shrinkage properties, and high tensile strength. It is one ideal insulating binding material for manufacturing and repairing of electrical machinery,...Read More

  • Class F Woven Tape

    Contact NowClass F Woven TapeClass F Woven Tape Description: Class F woven tape/cotton tape of electrician is made from pure cotton fiber and can be used for electric motor, appliance, etc. As binding materials because of good mechanical strength and insulating quality, it’s used in electric motor, transformer, auxiliary...Read More