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Material Analysis And Application Characteristics Of Insulating Sleevings

Jun 26, 2017

   Insulating casing is a kind of insulating material. is a collectively. Electrical materials are glass fiber insulation casing, PVC casing, heat shrinkable casing and so on. With oil or gas as insulating medium, generally made of transformer casing or circuit breaker casing, commonly used in 35,000 volts below the voltage level. The inner cavity of the composite insulated casing conductor and the porcelain suite is filled with transformer oil and plays a radial insulating role. When the voltage exceeds 35,000 volts, the conductor is sheathed with an insulating tube or a package cable to strengthen insulation. The conductor structure of the composite insulated casing has two types of cable-type and guide rod. The cable-type use of the transformer's lead cables directly through the casing, easy installation. When the working current is greater than 600, the cable-type structure is difficult to install, generally using the guide bar structure.Insulating Sleevings
   The capacitive casing is composed of a capacitor core, a porcelain sleeve, a metal accessory and a conductor. Mainly used for ultra-high voltage transformers and circuit breakers. Its upper part is in the atmosphere, the lower part works in the fuel tank. capacitor-type casing capacitor heart as an internal insulation, porcelain sleeve as an external insulation, also play a role in protecting the capacitance of the heart. The electric field of the porcelain sleeve surface is evenly distributed by the pressure of the inner capacitance heart, which improves the electrical insulation performance of the casing. The metal accessory has intermediate connection sleeve (flange), end cover, equal pressure ball and so on. The conductor is a cable or a rigid steel pipe.Insulating Sleevings
    K Heat-shrinkable busbar protection casing is the use of high quality polymers and environmental protection flame retardant, product glass fiber casing after forming radiation crosslinking expansion, widely used in switchgear cabinets and outdoor mother row protection. To eliminate the short circuit fault caused by mice and snakes, to prevent the corrosion of chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt, to prevent accidental injury of the maintenance personnel from entering the electrified zone; to adapt to the development trend of miniaturization of the switch cabinet, to solve the interphase insulation problem of Busbar.
Application range: 1, eliminate the short circuit fault caused by mice, snakes and other small animals 2, prevent the acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances on the mother row corrosion 3, to prevent the maintenance personnel mistakenly into the electrified space caused accidental damage 4, to adapt to the development trend of miniature switch cabinet 5, to solve the insulation problem of the Busbar Insulating Sleevings