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Insulating Sleevings Of The Organic Seal

Sep 30, 2017

Capacitive Casing Capacitor Hearts made with adhesive tape, high mechanical strength, can be installed at any angle, anti-moisture performance, simple structure and maintenance, can not be under the casing, but also the bottom of the heart into a short tail, Its size. The disadvantage is that in the high voltage level, the enchanting materials and process requirements are higher, the heart is not easy to eliminate the air gap, resulting in a partial discharge voltage is low. Adhesive tape capacitive casing due to high dielectric loss and low partial discharge voltage and other issues, has gradually replaced by oil and paper capacitor casing.Insulating Sleevings

Can be used for various types of terminals and components and wire interface to prevent overflow, but also from the mechanical protection, anti-wear, anti-fuel oil, oil, very high temperature or very low temperature. Double heat shrink tubing for optimum component protection. The inner liner of the casing protects the seal insulation, with strong water resistance, chemicals and a wide range of solvents. Heat shrink tubing for wire harness and automotive, marine and aerospace mechanical sheath.Insulating Sleevings

A single insulation sleeve is made of pure porcelain or resin insulation, often made into the wall casing, for 35 kV and below the voltage level. The inserts are tubular, middle or carded in order to be secured to the perforated wall. Flanges are generally gray cast iron, when the working current is greater than 1500 amps commonly used non-magnetic materials to reduce heat. The insulation structure of a single insulating sleeve is divided into two types: air cavity and air cavity short circuit.Insulating Sleevings

Enameled wire is coated with insulating paint on the outside of the bare copper wire due to the role of insulating paint, so that between the two adjacent wires can withstand 200V AC voltage Q is generally insulated from the line surface bright, soft, ℃ conditions for continuous work. In addition, enameled wire also requires bending 10 times, patent leather should not fall off to meet the system will not appear when the quality problems.Insulating Sleevings