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Macro-properties of insulation material

Electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and its chemical composition, molecular structure, which are closely related. Inorganic solid insulation material main is by Silicon, and boron and the variety metal oxide composition, to ion type structure mainly, main features for heat sex high, work temperature General is greater than 180 ℃, stability good, resistance atmosphere aging sex, and resistance chemical drug sex and the long-term in farm role Xia of aging performance good; but brittle high, resistance impact strength low, resistance pressure high and tensile strength low; process sex poor. Organic materials such as polymers, average molecular weight between 10~10, the heat is usually lower than that of inorganic materials. Containing aromatic, heterocyclic and silicon, titanium, fluorine and other elements of the material its heat resistance is higher than the General line chain-shaped polymer materials.