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Insulation material development

Development of insulating material was first used for cotton, silk, rubber, mica, and other natural products. In the early 20th century, industrial synthesis of phenolic resin plastic first came out, its good electrical properties and high heat resistance. Later appeared better in urea-formaldehyde resins, alkyd resins. Three Chlorobiphenyl synthetic insulating oil that has the appearance of power capacitor characteristics of leap (but harmful to human health, has been discontinued). Synthesis of sulfur hexafluoride in the same period.

30 synthetic insulation materials has been developing rapidly, mainly in acetal resin, neoprene, PVC, styrene-butadiene rubber, polyamide, melamine, polyethylene and high performance called King of plastic such as PTFE. The emergence of these synthetic materials, played a major role in the development of electrical technology. Such as acetal enamelled wire for motors, its working temperature and reliability increase, and the size and weight of the motor is greatly reduced. Glass fibre and weaving with the successful development of and the synthesis of organosilicon resin and for electrical insulation increases h-class heat-resisting rank.