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Insulating materials for history 2

Research and development of new materials is relatively small since the 70 's, this period is mainly of existing materials to a variety of modified and expand the range of application. Mineral insulating oil using the new method to reduce its loss epoxy MICA insulation improve the mechanical performance and realization of air gap many improvements were made to improve its performance. Power capacitor membrane structures by the paper membrane complex structure to the transition. 1 million Volt level research on UHV power cable started replacing traditional natural fiber paper with synthetic paper insulation. Pollution-free insulating materials has developed quickly since the 70 's, such as drug-free medium isopropyl benzene and Chlorinated Biphenyl ester oil replace toxic media, expanding the application of solvent-free paint. With the popularity of home appliances, insulation material caught fire and caused a major fire accidents have occurred, so has attracted attention to the fire-retardant materials.

Development trend of insulating materials research and development level is restricting the development of electrical engineering of the key. Future trends, developing resistance to high pressure, heat insulation, solvent-free environment-friendly insulation, insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, deep cold-resistant, radiation-resistant and fire-retardant materials, energy-saving materials. Focus is development for high pressure big capacity generator of ring oxygen MICA insulation system; small and medium motor with of f, and h level insulation series; high pressure lost variable electric equipment with of six fluoride of sulfur gaseous media; replaced chloride joint benzene of new nontoxic synthesis media; high performance insulation oil; synthesis paper composite insulation; flame retardant sex oak plastic material and surface protection material,, while to active accelerated traditional electrical equipment with insulation material of replacement.