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Classification of insulating material

Classification and many kinds of insulating materials can be divided into three main types of gases, liquids and solids. Gas-insulated material are commonly used as air, nitrogen, and sulfur hexafluoride. Liquid insulating materials are mainly in mineral insulating oils, synthetic insulating oil (silicone oil, 12 alkyl benzene, POLYISOBUTYLENE, isopropyl benzene, diphenylethane) categories. Can be divided into two types of organic and inorganic solid insulating materials. Organic insulating materials include insulating paint, plastic insulation, insulation paper, fiber insulation products, plastics, rubber, fabric paint tubes and impregnated fiber products, electrical insulating films, composite products and adhesive tapes, laminates for electrical purposes, etc. Inorganic solid insulating materials include mica, glass, ceramics and related products. By contrast, solid insulating material variety, is the most important.

Different requirements of electrical equipment on the properties of insulating materials have different emphases. High-voltage electrical equipment such as motors, high-voltage cable with insulating materials require high breakdown strength and low dielectric loss. Low-voltage electrical to mechanical strength, elongation at break, the heat-resisting rank as major requirements.